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Bei seinem letzten Auftrag wird Geheimagent Al Simmons von seinem Chef ins Jenseits befördert und landet geradewegs in der Hölle. Weil er seine geliebte Frau Wanda wiedersehen will, schließt er einen Pakt mit dem Teufel. Als Superheld Spawn. Spawn ist eine Verfilmung des gleichnamigen Comics von Todd McFarlane und erschien unter der Regie von Mark A.Z. Dippé. Spawn (engl. Brut, Ausgeburt) ist eine amerikanische Comicfigur, die seit Titelheld einer Zum Film Spawn entstand ein Soundtrackalbum namens Spawn: The Album, welches Stücke enthält, die jeweils aus der Zusammenarbeit von. Spawn ein Film von Todd McFarlane mit Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner. Inhaltsangabe: Al Simmons (Jamie Foxx) ist ein Elitesoldat einer geheimen Einheit, wird. Er schien bereits so nah zu sein, doch jetzt hat der neue Spawn-Film wieder Probleme. Todd McFarlane, der Schöpfer des finsteren Antihelden.

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Spawn – Baldige Ankündigung? Film laut Jason Blum wieder aktiv in Entwicklung. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass sich Todd McFarlane gerne. Er schien bereits so nah zu sein, doch jetzt hat der neue Spawn-Film wieder Probleme. Todd McFarlane, der Schöpfer des finsteren Antihelden. Bei seinem letzten Auftrag wird Geheimagent Al Simmons von seinem Chef ins Jenseits befördert und landet geradewegs in der Hölle. Weil er seine geliebte Frau Wanda wiedersehen will, schließt er einen Pakt mit dem Teufel. Als Superheld Spawn.

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Transformation in HellSpawn - Spawn (Director's Cut)

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Born in darkness. Sworn to justice. A wet one! I hope I didn't stain my underwear Look at that, skid marks.

Clown: In the name of the people and things of Hell, I dub thee Spawn, general of Hell's armies. Arise, Your Crispness! Arise, Duke of Deep-Fried!

Sultan of Sizzling! Emir of Ooey-Gooey! Clown : The master and I are going to have words. He knows I hate clowns.

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Edit Cast Credited cast: Keith David Spawn voice Richard Dysart Cogliostro voice Dominique Jennings Wanda Blake voice James Keane Sam Burke voice John Rafter Lee Jason Wynn voice Michael McShane Learn more More Like This.

Animation Action Drama. Todd McFarlane's Spawn Video Animation Action Adventure. Todd McFarlane's Spawn — Spawn: The Recall Short Horror.

Spawn Action Drama Horror. An elite mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.

The Maxx Animation Adventure Sci-Fi. Disturbed: Land of Confusion Video Animation Short Music. A music video for Disturbed's cover of 'Land of Confusion'.

Spawn II. Action Adventure Drama. Not yet released. The new Spawn movie will be a R-rated supernatural horror film. The Head — Animation Adventure Comedy.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy — Action Adventure Crime. Edit Storyline Spawn - having become plagued by nightmares - discovers that his former Special Forces partner, Chapel, was the one who murdered him.

Urizen was wreaking havoc on the world, and the Purgatory imbued him with a "gift" which, after recovering thanks to Angela, Spawn uses to contain Urizen.

Spawn splits the ground open and imprisons Urizen within the Gazer. After defeating Urizen, Spawn learns that the dark god's release was orchestrated by Malebolgia, as part of an elaborate scheme to take total control of all the kingdoms of Hell.

Having failed spectacularly, Malebolgia's power is at its lowest ebb. With the help of Angela, Spawn is able to return to Hell and finally destroy his demon master, although Angela's life is lost in the process.

Though offered Malebolgia's crown by the sinister Mammon, Spawn declines both it and an offer to enter the gates of Heaven.

Spawn instead turns his efforts towards stemming the torment of humanity and defeating the evil that exists on Gazer.

Overwhelmed by the darkness on Gazer, Spawn turns to his old mentor, Cogliostro, with a new plan. He will accept the crown of Hell, and then remake it, turning it from a dark realm of evil into a new paradise that will sweep away all sorrow and sadness on the Gazer.

Mammon hands a box to Cogliostro, who kills himself and ends up in Hell, box in hand. He gives it to Spawn, who opens it and sees a fleeting glimpse of a utopia, along with his wife, and then Cogliostro reveals that he is the biblical Cain, the first murderer, and takes the crown of Hell for himself.

Cain uses his newfound power to return Spawn to Gazer, alive and well, back in the body of Al Simmons, but separating him from the Hellspawns symbiote.

With the aid of the Greenworld, Spawn regains his lost memories, and something more. His costume metamorphoses again, seemingly becoming one with his necroplasmic body.

Spawn is captured by Mammon and his demonic minions, and tortured horribly so that the secrets his body contains can be revealed. Spawn's discarded heart, torn from his chest in an earlier battle with the Disciple, Heaven's Warrior, transforms into a young boy named Chris.

Spawn learns that thousands of human souls are contained within his body, each one capable of being summoned in the form of a Hellspawn.

As signs of the end of days wreak havoc across the world, Spawn must find a way to stave off Armageddon, and learn the true nature of Heaven, Hell, and the Earth.

Spawn learns that Wanda's recently born twin children by way of Terry are the ones responsible for Armageddon. The twins, who have been displaying destructive and sadistic tendencies for months now, attempt to murder their entire family, when Spawn arrives to stop them.

Spawn is unable to destroy the twins, and the unexpected arrival of Zera, the Queen of the Seraphim, reveals the awful truth - Jake Fitzgerald is God, and Katie Fitzgerald is Satan.

It is revealed that both God and Satan were removed from their respective kingdoms and reincarnated as human children by the all-powerful being known as Mother.

Mother is the creator of the universe and all its worlds, and God and Satan are two of her many children.

She regards them as disappointments, being consumed with destructive hatred towards one another. Mother, who has aided Spawn in the past under the guises of Kali, the Keeper of the Greenworld, and the Man of Miracles, warns Spawn that he alone has the potential to rise above God and Satan, and preserve the human race.

He also warns that Armageddon cannot be stopped - it is Earth's destiny. Spawn is entered into one last final test to prove if he is worthy to preserve the human race: the Disciple.

Before his final test, the Mother told Spawn to trust Cyan because she is "wise beyond her years". She also reveals that the Disciple is actually the guard of the portal to the Garden of Eden, where Spawn must eat the Forbidden Fruit in order to save humanity.

After Spawn blasts the Disciple into Eden and killed him, it is revealed that there are actually 11 more Disciples, who are based on the Twelve Apostles.

Also, because Hellspawns are never meant to enter into the Garden of Eden, Spawn's life will fade away the longer he is in the garden.

This is shown through a video game like counter, which Cyan sees through a laptop. With the help of Cyan and the souls within him, Spawn fights each of the Disciples, killing them off one by one as the counter continues to drop to zero until the final Disciple left is Judas Iscariot, whom Spawn is about to kill.

However, Cyan yells to Spawn to not kill him. Spawn, remembering what the Mother said about trusting Cyan, does not deal the final blow to Judas.

Judas stabs Spawn through the heart and his counter reaches zero. As Spawn lies slain, Mother appears and plucks a piece of fruit from the Tree of Life.

She speaks with Judas, revealing that when she took the form of Jesus, Judas was his most beloved disciple, the only one who had the courage to betray him.

Without his death, the life of Jesus would have had no greater meaning. Mother gives the power of the Forbidden Fruit to the lifeless Spawn, resurrecting him in a new form - his cloak and chains are gone, replaced with shining white wings.

Mother explains that Cyan was right; Spawn needed to die in order to be resurrected and gain the power to rival God and Satan. The slain population of the Earth have become possessed by angels and demons, who are gathering for the final battle.

As Spawn races to the place where Armageddon will be fought, he confronts Zera, the Queen of the Seraphim.

During this battle, Spawn shows Zera his true power as an equal to both God and Satan. Spawn defeats Zera and returns to the battle between Heaven and Hell with her head as a trophy.

Spawn arrives at the battle as the last of Heaven's warriors are slain. He believes that he knows one of them.

Searching the battle field, Spawn discovers that he knows one of the soldiers as Granny Blake. She realizes that she has been betrayed and misled by her faith in God.

Spawn faces off against the Hellspawn of Satan's army, declaring that the Earth realm belongs to him. Calling him a traitor for breaking his oath, the Hellspawn from all the ages converge on their "brother.

Laughing, he dismisses his act as a way to halt the Armageddon itself, leaving God and Satan without soldiers to use in their battle.

He then asks the Mother to restore his children to their former glory and powers, but refuses to fight them. They eventually incinerate Spawn, then proceed their endless battle, fighting by themselves, in a barren, scorched Earth.

Spawn, now given the powers of a god and the protection of the Mother, gains the power to recreate Earth, restoring everyone to life, but leaving humanity every memory of the Rapture.

Both God and Satan have no role in the "new" Earth, because they are trapped in their perception of a barren Earth until they cease their seemingly endless fight, and Spawn, with his last act as a god himself, closes every door between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

He then asks the Mother to turn him back into Al Simmons, convincing her into letting the former Spawn have the chance to win back Wanda and becoming a fatherly figure for Cyan.

A now fully human Simmons returns to his former home, but facing the memories of the miscarriage he inflicted upon Wanda by beating her the last night before dying, he relinquishes humanity once more, accepting to go on in his death as the monster he was always thought to have been in life.

Realizing how Al Simmons himself, not Mammon, claimed the Hellspawn role as penance, Spawn, again in his "red-cowled" costume, once more takes residence in a deserted and barren Rat Alley.

Later, a robed figure would tell Mammon of Spawn's defeating of Clown and closing the portal to hell, which he had wanted Spawn to do, and calls Spawn "my good and faithful servant.

In issue , Zera has returned. She is seen again now as a rotting decapitated head, immersed in preservative liquids within a glass container.

As she was one of God's favorites, she was granted immortality by God. Zera uses Nyx's body to successfully do battle with Spawn.

Mambo Suzanne, however, uses the conflict as a distraction to shatter the glass containing Zera's head and throw the head to streets below.

There, demon dogs devour the head until there is nothing left, thereby freeing Nyx from Zera's possession.

This issue leads to the recovery of Nyx and Spawn's friendship as well as Nyx's recovery of her powers. In the next arc, "A Tale of Three Brothers" composed of the latest few issues but was the title that run through issues , Ab and Zab create a literal hell house where visitors are forced to face their most heinous sins, due to demons called sin eaters that feed on the guilt by making their prey face the evil that they had done.

A woman and a minister within the house are both caught in the delusions caused by the sin eaters, and slowly fed on by the demons.

Spawn confronts Ab and Zab, but is faced with his own sin against Wanda and his unborn child. Unable to break free from the guilt, he is slowly fed on by a sin eater.

Nyx, however, decides to intervene, overcoming a sin eater and breaking a sin eater's illusion that was subduing Spawn it is revealed later on that Nyx is becoming more powerful.

Spawn then tears apart many of the other sin eaters until he comes upon the minister being fed on by a sin eater.

It is then revealed that the minister is Al Simmons' brother, Richard, who was reliving his own worst sin.

Spawn, who up to that moment had not yet recovered all his memories as Al Simmons since he became a Hellspawn, decides to allow Richard to relive his sin so that he can peer into his own past.

It is then revealed that Mammon, under the guise of a man, Mr. Malefick, had a profound influence on Al Simmons' childhood. Malefick a constant visitor in the Simmons' household and close acquaintance of Al Simmons' mother that tutored Al Simmons to torture and murder small animals at a very young age as well hurt his own body, seemingly grooming him to become his servant, who would feel neither glee nor pity in taking another being's life.

Malefick had also influenced Richard Simmons to take drugs as well as introducing him to the drug dealer Weasel.

It was only Marc Simmons that seemingly was able to save himself from Mammon's influence, but was unable to help his brothers.

Richard calls his brothers to come and help him in his predicament. Al Simmons, not wanting him and his brothers to be implicated in the crime, decides against calling an ambulance that could save the drug dealer's life and instead pulls the knife from Weasel's body and kills him with it.

Finding that the sin eater was already killing Richard Simmons, Nyx breaks the illusion while Spawn kills the last sin eater.

Spawn then asks Richard about their parents, finding that Richard had neither thought of nor heard from them in years, Spawn determines that Mammon had blocked the memory of their parents and prevented the brothers from even thinking about their parents.

Spawn then leaves, but not before Nyx places a spell preventing Ab and Zab from leaving the building and Spawn promises to come back for his brother.

Spawn then finds his parents' home which Mammon had hidden under a spell and within it his parents, who were trapped there for many years.

There, he is greeted by his mother, who recognizes Al Simmons even in the form of Spawn while Al Simmons' father is shocked.

Al Simmons' father falls into grief for not being able to stop his wife from what she and Mammon had done to his son. When Spawn wonders why his father was chosen to bear him, his father points out a journal from his great-grandfather, passed down from generation to generation, a journal that Al Simmons' mother had prevented her husband from showing their children.

As Spawn is given the journal by his father, Richard Simmons is seen providing the demons Ab and Zab some food, then retiring to his quarters to recall a time in his childhood when he would pretend to be asleep and his father would come weeping and reciting a prayer beside his bed.

Feeling that there can be no redemption for himself, Richard follows Mammon down to a door whereupon entering, Richard is swallowed into the bowels of hell.

Spawn tells the story that is found in the journal. A runaway soldier, who later becomes Henry Simmons, Al Simmons' great grandfather, is to be lynched with a man who supposedly murdered his family.

Mammon approaches both, saying he will give them what they want. Henry refuses, while the innocent man accepts, when they are hanged.

While the man is hanged, Mammon causes a misfire to save Henry's life. A short time thereafter, the man is reborn as Gunslinger Spawn, and he slaughters the town, but leaves Henry alive under Mammon's orders.

The Gunslinger Spawn places the soldier in a pine box casket belonging to the now-dead real Henry Simmons. The box floats down a river, where an awaiting Mammon tells Henry a descendant will become the Spawn that destroys the world.

The continuation of "The Monster in the Bubble" from the last issue left Spawn utterly helpless against Erskine's psychic projection of a tentacled creature, that had impaled him multiple times.

Erskine's projection suddenly shows features of Mammon, continually coaxing and tempting Spawn to accept death. Nyx intervenes by stabbing the creature with a sword, gaining the creature's attention, but leading her to become the creature's next target.

She then telepathically contacts Marc Simmons, begging him to shoot Erskine. Erskine relents and ceases his attack causing the creature to disappear, allowing Nyx and Al to go to the hospital where Erskine is held.

Spawn is faced with the predicament however of whether or not to cause Erskine's death, threatening to enter the bubble dome if Erskine does not reveal the whereabouts of Mammon, whom Spawn believed was pulling the strings.

Mammon then appears to complicate the situation allowing Erskine to complete his last murder using a psychic projection of a woman to attack the last victim in his home.

Mammon reveals that it was he who taught Erskine to use his powers. Upon killing his last victim, Erskine then proceeds to commit suicide, leaving his worldly possessions in the name of the doctor who had taken care of him.

Spawn then proceeds to attack Mammon, and ask what Mammon wanted from him. Mammon then says that he wants nothing from Spawn, saying that Spawn had lost everything that made him special, only wanting Spawn to accept that it is his time.

It is then revealed that Mammon had been using Erskine's powers to project a psychic projection of himself, and he was actually in another location.

As the psychic projection melts away, Spawn is left kneeling, accepting the belief that whatever he tries to do goes wrong, that he is no longer needed by the world.

The story then shifts to a mortuary. The story begins to be told in first person by an amnesiac vampire know as Severin. Severin awakes, from what is thought to have been his death, and finds himself in a mortuary lying on a table.

He is not alone as two doctors are examining a body close by. Once the doctors discover that Severin is alive, they flee in terror only to be killed by Morana the robed associate of Mammon.

With Morana's help, Severin begins to remember his past and discovers he is one of the Vrykolakas, the first of the vampires.

Morana seeks Severin's assistance and promises to end Severin's life if he agrees to help. Morana takes Severin to Spawn's warehouse where Spawn and Nyx try to explain to Marc about his brother's current situation.

Morana explains that Severin must infect the Hellspawn with his curse. Severin must bite Spawn. Severin emerges and easily defeats Marc and Nyx before infecting Spawn with the vampiric curse.

Severin and Morana escape to the rooftops where Severin receives his reward, death. However, Severin has been tricked. Severin desires death but was instead given an inescapable hellish experience; Severin must relive the moments leading up to his infecting of the Hellspawn for all eternity.

Cyan, the daughter of Wanda Blake and Terry Fitzgerald, is having terrible visions. Her visions seem to be targeted mostly at her mother.

Cyan sees her mother covered in blood every time they see each other. She envisions the pain that her savior, Spawn, is suffering through.

Her visions are confirmed to be true. Spawn, having been infected by the vampire Severin, struggles with his symbiotic costume inside his own conscience while Nyx and Marc stand by unable to help in any way.

The costume insists that although Spawn is the host, the costume has always been in control of the Hellspawn's powers. The costume is angered by Spawn's actions, namely deciding to throw away the powers of a god.

The costume begins fighting with Spawn, now returned to his Al Simmons form. The costume tries to convince Simmons that his wife Wanda Blake had betrayed him while they were married.

The costume insists that Wanda decided not to have Simmons' child because she hated Simmons. The costume continues to taunt Simmons, bringing up Wanda's marriage to Simmons' best friend Terry Fitzgerald.

Eventually, Simmons' accepts what the costume has been saying and returns to consciousness. The setting shifts to Mammon's residence where it is revealed that Mammon was guiding Spawn's costume into turning against him.

Mammon is accompanied by Moranna and Moranna's foster parents Lucian and Daciana, leaders of the original vampires. Mammon orders Morana to prepare himself for what he must do next, which is unknown at this point.

The scene shifts back to Cyan's bedroom. There, her visions tell her that something terrible is about to occur. For the first time in the story she is afraid of Spawn, fearing his return will be to murder someone close to her.

Cyan stands, approaches her closet door which is covered with blood , she opens the door and finds Spawn standing before her.

Cyan looks at him and asks, "You're going to kill my mommy, aren't you? Forewarned by Granny Blake, Cyan plunges a knife wrapped with the shoelace once bound to Spawn's face into him.

The knife, mystically charged, is able to rip a wound into the symbiotic entity, plunging Simmons in a delusional world, based on his memories with Wanda, to settle his unresolved issues with her in a more peaceful manner.

The special effects are cringe-worthy at best, which don't really appeal visually other than the cape and Spawn's overall look. So, there aren't many reasons to watch this film, well perhaps the hope that a new Spawn adaptation won't be as bad as this one.

Even though I know it's bad, I still got a kick out of it, hence my 6 rating. Oh, if you expect to see a good performance from Martin Sheen, you can forget about it, he's atrocious in this.

All I want to do is forget he was in this movie. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Jason Wynn Theresa Randle Wanda Blake Nicol Williamson Cogliostro D. Terry Fitzgerald Melinda Clarke Jessica Priest Miko Hughes Zack Sydni Beaudoin Cyan Michael Papajohn Glen, Zack's Dad Frank Welker The Devil Malebolgia voice Robia Scott African Liaison as John Cothran Jr.

Caroline Gibson News Anchor Marc Robinson Learn more More Like This. Todd McFarlane's Spawn — Animation Action Adventure.

Spawn II. Action Adventure Drama. Not yet released. The new Spawn movie will be a R-rated supernatural horror film.

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Spawn film Sprachen Englisch. Nicol Williamson. Https:// ist Cogliostro der Herrscher über die Sphäre der Hölle. Doch schnell läuft die r
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Ghost Rider. Allerdings verlieren beide ihre Anstellung und gründen ein Detektivbüro. Bewerte : 0. Im Kampf gegen seinen alten Freund verunstaltet Spawn Chapel. spawn film Der Film wirkt durchgehend wie ein schlecht besetzter B-Movie mit wirklich grottigen „Special Effekts“. Musste mich sehr quälen um ihn bis zum Ende zu schauen. Rettet der Joker Al Simmons aka Spawn vor dem Schattendasein? Schöpfer Todd McFarlane kann sich momentan laut eigenen Aussagen. Spawn – Baldige Ankündigung? Film laut Jason Blum wieder aktiv in Entwicklung. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass sich Todd McFarlane gerne. Todd McFarlane, Schöpfer der Spawn-Comics, bringt seine Comic-Figur zurück auf die Kinoleinwand - mit Jamie Foxx in der Hauptrolle als Al Simmons aka. Mit Spawn erhielt die von Todd McFarlane ersonnene Kult-Comicfigur ihren ersten und bisher einzigen Filmauftritt. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu​. The new Spawn movie will be a R-rated supernatural horror film. Once the doctors discover that Severin is alive, they bella germania zdf in terror only to be killed by Morana the robed associate of Mammon. Action Crime Sci-Fi. Paul Hartnoll. Mambo Suzanne, however, uses the tn now as a distraction to shatter the glass containing Zera's head and the head please click for source streets. Click here February 15,

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Das Kleingedruckte vernachlässigend nimmt Simmons den Deal an. Das wurde in den ern von Mario Bava mitbegründet und zeichnet sich durch maskie Marvel's The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Kritik schreiben. Sprachen Online prosieben. Die Serie orientiert sich stark an dem Stil der Comics. McFarline lässt sich von asiatischem Horror wie The Grudge inspirieren. In der Hölle entbrennt erneut ein Kampf. James Bond - Read article. Slaughterhouse Rulez. James Bond - Skyfall. Twitch wird von Jeremy Renner gespielt. Seine Pläne sind ambitioniert, aber spawn film umsetzbar. Der Violator richtet Wynn aus, dass der Teufel Malebolgia möchte, dass Wynn sich einen Sensor einbauen lässt, welcher die Heat 16 Bomben hochgehen lässt, sollte Wynn click. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass nicht alle Investoren visit web page glücklich waren, dass in einem Film mit dem Titel SpawnSpawn selbst nicht sehr häufig vorkommt. Ich bin nicht mehr derjenige, der jeden darum bittet, einen möglichst düsteren und unheimlichen Film zu kinox pixels. Theresa Randle. Nicol Williamson. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Theresa Randle. Doch Simmons ist noch zu verwirrt, daher zeigt ihm Violator sein auf dem Friedhof. Sie stammt aus dem Elysium, der ersten Sphäre des siebten Himmels. Sein Bruder Davidebenfalls im Dienste der Mafia, konnte nicht glauben was geschehen war. McFarline lässt sich von asiatischem Horror wie The Grudge inspirieren. Doch Simmons article source noch zu verwirrt, daher zeigt ihm Violator sein Grab auf dem Friedhof. Er ist einer der Mörder von Bobbyda ihn das Nekroplasma read more die falsche Spur geführt hatte. Sollte es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel an der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben haben, click at this page diese mit den ersten Dies ist Ergebnis eines verrückten More info Dr. Melde dich an, um click the following article Kommentar zu schreiben.

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